Our Program

what we do

OUR Mission

To provide holistic, coordinated, patient-centered care to people with complex lives and conditions;

To support regional health, mental health, and social service providers; and

To enhance the local and state care delivery system.

People empowered to manage their health and overcome disparities.
Goal #1


Individuals with multiple social needs and health challenges are often left to negotiate complex health and social service systems to meet their needs. In the MiCC collaborative, one health or social service organization steps up and is identified as the “lead” for each individual enrolled in the program. A care coordinator or community health worker at the lead organization works with participants to identify their health and personal goals, and coordinates with partner organizations to help participants meet those goals.


Community Partners

MiCC was co-developed by staff from participating organizations. Since the beginning of the collaborative in 2016, partners have been meeting monthly to build the collaborative and its care coordination program and, in subsequent years, to improve the program and care outcomes for clients and the community. This relationship building has improved the way local organizations communicate and coordinate with one another, leading to improved efficiency, mutual accountability, and finding and addressing gaps in the regional safety net.


Community Change

MiCC is dedicated to systems change work. From creating a unified mental health and substance use 24/7 intake hotline and process, to improving Washtenaw County’s system of care for homelessness diversion, to developing a community information exchange infrastructure, MiCC works to advance shared values and objectives. Through these initiatives and more, MiCC takes a preventive approach by investing significant time and effort into improving the Livingston and Washtenaw County region’s health, mental health, and social service systems.